Test Separators

An oil/gas skid mounted or trailer mounted test separators are made up of a storage vessel, a multi-meter measuring system that detects oil and gas flow rates, relief values to negate excessive pressure, and sampling points where effluent is extracted for analysis. Absolute offer a wide range of high-performing test separators featuring precision engineering and durable element and corrosion resistance. We can also customize a complete gamut of purpose-built industrial equipment to meet unique or specific client needs

Standard Features
  • Wide range of vessel sizes for different operating conditions including both low and high pressure
  • Gas metering with orifice dual meters or mass flowmeter
  • Pneumatic control valves and turbine flow meters on water and oil outlets
  • Fitted with deflector plate, coalescing plates, foam and vortex breaker, weir plate, and mist extractor
  • Sand-jet line for fast cleaning
  • Sampling points for all phases
  • Relief valves to protect against overpressure
  • Compliant with API Spec. 12J, ASME VIII, Div. 1 or 2, NACE MR 0175.