Slug Catchers

Pipelines that transport both gas and liquids together, can operate in a flow regime known as slugging flow or slug flow. Under the influence of gravity, liquids will tend to settle on the bottom of the pipeline, while the gases occupy the top section of the pipeline. Under certain operating conditions gas and liquid are not evenly distributed throughout the pipeline but travel as large plugs with mostly liquids or mostly gases through the pipeline. These large plugs are called slugs.

A slug catcher, located between the outlet of the pipeline and the processing equipment, is a vessel with enough buffer volume to store the largest slugs expected from the pipeline system. The liquid and gas product can then be moved to the processing facility at a controlled rate.

Absolute manufacture slug catchers with different sizes, operating conditions and flow rates as per the customer desired specification.

Standard Features

  • Absolute manufacture Harp, finger or conventional slug catchers.
  • Flexibility in design to the customer specific requirements.
  • ASME code stamped and National board certified.
  • Expedited production in meeting the customer tight schedules.
  • Cost effective designs.