JT Skids

The JT assembly provides hydrocarbon dew point control and increased recovery of natural gas liquids (NGL). The JT Plant consists of a gas-to-gas heat exchanger with hot gas bypass, liquid-to-gas heat exchanger, JT valve, cold separator, methanol injection system and control system, all mounted on a single skid. The Joule-Thomson Assembly makes it easy for you to recover valuable NGL and reduce the water and hydrocarbon dew point of your production stream to pipeline specifications. This self-contained, skid-mounted system can be quickly installed and started up, making it ideal for short-term, space-constrained operating environments.

Standard Features

  • JT valve with pressure pilot controller
  • NGL/gas exchanger
  • ASME code gas/gas exchanger
  • ASME code -20 °F cold separator
  • Temperature controller
  • Instrument gas/air manifold
  • Sight glass assembly
  • Methanol pump and delivery system
  • Cold thermal insulation
  • Hot gas bypass system for startup
  • Heavy-duty steel skid with lifting lugs
  • Thermal relief valves