JT Skids

The JT skid provides hydrocarbon dew point control and increased recovery of natural gas liquids (NGL). The JT Plant consists of a gas-to-gas heat exchanger with hot gas bypass, liquid-to-gas heat exchanger, JT valve, cold separator, methanol injection system and control system mounted on a single skid.

The Joule-Thomson (JT) effect is a thermodynamic cooling process that occurs when a fluid expands from high pressure to low pressure (through a valve in this case). This cooling effect allows for the recovery of valuable Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) and reduces the water and hydrocarbon dew point of the production stream to pipeline specifications.

This self-contained, skid-mounted system can be quickly installed and started up, making it ideal for short-term, space-constrained operating environments.

Standard Features Include:
  • JT valve with pressure pilot controller
  • NGL/gas exchanger
  • Gas/gas exchanger
  • -20°F Cold separator
  • Temperature controller
  • Instrument gas/air manifold
  • Sight glass assembly
  • Methanol pump and delivery system
  • Jacketed or Blanketed cold thermal insulation per Customer requirements
  • Hot gas bypass system for startup
  • Thermal relief valves
  • Pressure vessels are compliant with ASME VIII, Div. 1; National Board registered
  • NACE MR 0175 compliant vessels and piping are available
  • Heavy duty structural skid base with integrated lifting lugs