Crude Oil Topping Unit

Topping units have been a solution broadly used in emerging markets with limited refining capacity but existing local demand for diesel, fuel oil, jet fuel (kerosene), atmospheric gas oil, LPG and asphalt. In the context of the U.S. market where refining capacity is generally highly complex, topping units may be organically integrated into the overall system with the less valuable by-products absorbed by refiners for deeper processing without economic loss.

It is no surprise that the largest U.S. refiners are taking steps to develop such topping capacity. Absolute Energy Field Products & Services can supply crude topping units ranging from 500 BPD to 5000 BPD. We can produce Naptha, Kerosene, Diesel and atmospheric residue by simple atmospheric distillation. A topping unit is an inexpensive, technically simple means to enhance the value of crude oil near the source of production.

We can develop, design, engineer, fabricate and deliver crude topping units globally.

Standard Features Include:
  • Cross heat exchangers to heat the crude oil by cooling the products before sending to storage.
  • Product Coolers
  • Desalter
  • Fired heater for crude oil heating
  • Atmospheric Distillation Column.
  • Steam Boiler
  • Deaerator
  • Feed and Product Pumps
  • Storage vessels, Reflux Drum
  • Controls and Instrumentation, including PLC and Control Panel
  • Cooling Tower
  • Carbon Beds
  • Pressure Vessels compliant with ASME VIII, Div. 1; National Board registered