Indirect Line Heaters

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Absolute fabricate indirect line heaters for Natural Gas, Condensate and Crude oil to achieve the Customers desired conditions. Line heaters pre-warm the incoming process stream prior to the pressure drop also warm the process stream after the pressure drop preventing the formation of ice. The pressure drop is a control point reduce the operating pressure across the downstream equipment that can be managed.

Standard Features

  • Standard pre-assembled indirect line heaters rating from 250 M Btu/hr up to 4.0 MM BTU/hr.
  • We also build custom pre-assembled line heaters as per the customer specific requirements.
  • Coil rating up to 15 K.
  • Skid mounted with all instruments and piping and Burner management system
  • Removable U-bend type firetube
  • Removable firetube stack
  • Removable well stream flow coil
  • High efficiency burner with pilot light and removable flame arrestor.
  • ASME code-stamped, 250 psig fuel gas scrubber with internal high-level safety shutdown valve.
  • Fuel gas manifold with preheat coil and high- and low-pressure regulators