Heater Treaters

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A large percentage of oil production today involves the handling of water in addition to the handling of crude oil. Water remaining after the free water is settled is in emulsified state and will separated by heat treating. Applying heat will increase the effectiveness of the chemical upon the emulsion, reduces the viscosity of the oil and oil-water emulsion, and weakens the film making it easier for the water droplets to settle out. The energy transferred to the emulsion by the increase in temperature increases the movement of the water droplets and affords more collisions between droplets per unit time. Heating is accomplished by direct contact with the firebox tube wall.

Absolute offer both horizontal and vertical heater treaters with different sizes, operating conditions, heat loads and flow rates.

Standard Features

  • Total Skid mounted package with all inlet and outlet connection points.
  • Gas separation section.
  • Immersed down comer piping.
  • Deep free water knockout section below the firebox.
  • High capacity firebox with thermally controlled.
  • BMS system for fire box.
  • Fire stack
  • Controllers and Control valves for oil and gas section.
  • Flexibility in design to the customer specific requirements.