Particulate and Coalescing Filter Systems

Coalescing filters are widely used to remove water and hydrocarbon liquids from natural gas to ensure natural gas quality and protect downstream equipment.

In the natural gas industry, coalescing filters are used for recovery of lube oil downstream of a compressor. All liquids are removed but lube oil recovery is the commonly the primary reason for installing a coalescer on the outlet of a gas compressor. Liquids upstream of the compressor, which may include aerosol particles, entrained liquids or large volumes of liquids called "slugs" should be removed by a separator or filter/coalescing vessel located upstream of the compressor. Efficiencies of gas/liquid coalescers are typically 0.3 Micron liquid particles, with efficiencies to 99.98%.

Liquid-liquid coalescers can also be used to separate hydrocarbons from water phases such as removing oil from produced water.

Standard Features Include:
  • Filter elements per Customer requirements
  • Compliant with ASME VIII, Div. 1; National Board registered
  • NACE MR 0175 compliant vessels are available.
  • Vertical designs with baseplates; horizontal designs on saddles
  • Heavy duty structural skid base available