About Us

Absolute Energy Field Products & Services is an Engineering, Design and Manufacturer of Oil & Gas Production Equipment, Refining and Petrochemical Processing Equipment.

We manufacture the equipment with highest standards as per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division I and can be designed, fabricated and tested in accordance with NACE standards.

Our highly-skilled workforce is broadly experienced in oil & gas engineering and enables its clients to run profitable and successful gas operations through innovative Processing and Treatment techniques.

Absolute Energy Field Products & Services is a leading manufacturing company in the Oil and gas sector serving upstream, midstream and downstream energy industries.

We design and fabricate complete line of production equipment, Gas processing and treatment units, Separators, crude topping units with a wide variety of operating conditions and different sizes tailored to the customer specification, cost effectively and deliver units with expedited lead times to meet the customer tight schedules.

Absolute Energy Field Products & Services is an ASME “ U”, “R” & “S” CODE STAMP WITH NB, NATIONAL BOARD-CERTIFIED COMPANY in manufacturing both standard and customized oil and gas process Units as per the customer requirements. We follow industrial standard testing procedures in certifying all the welders and educate them in achieving the highest level of quality in fabrication.