Molecular Seive - Dehydration Unit

Molecular sieve dehydration should be installed upstream of any cryogenic downstream process to eliminate hydrate formation during the process. We can achieve the water content in the gas to as low as 0.01 ppm.

Standard Features

  • We manufacture all the equipment in our fabrication facility, which allows us to maintain high level of quality and deliver units with expedited lead times to meet the customer tight schedules.
  • We hold ASME code with National Board certification.
  • We manufacture different units with different sizes based on the operating conditions, flow rates and target water removal.
  • Inlet Filter Separators
  • Two Adsorption Towers, one adsorbing and one regenerating.
  • Regeneration Gas Heater
  • Regeneration Gas Cooler
  • Regeneration Gas Cooler and Separator
  • Lots Piping, Switching Valves and instrumentation