Amine Treating

Absolute offers a range of solutions to remove acid/sour gas components (CO2 and/or H2S) from natural gas customized to meet each clients’ specific process requirements.

The Amine Treating Unit removes CO2 and H2S from sour gas. Specific types and blends of amines and solvents such as MEA, DEA, MDEA and DGA are used to get target specified levels of CO2 or H2S or both. We design and manufacture Amine treating systems to achieve removal of CO2 up to 50 ppm and H2S less than 4 ppm in the processed gas stream.

Absolute custom designs and builds each system as a complete turn-key package with emphasis given to:

  • Sales gas CO2 and H2S content limits
  • Impurity removal to minimize foaming
  • Operating efficiency
  • Material compatibility
  • Minimal solvent loss
Standard Features Include:
  • Customized design for specified operating conditions.
  • Integrally designed piping, valves and instrumentation
  • All equipment is manufactured in-house to maintain quality and delivery requirements
  • Pressure vessels are compliant with ASME VIII, Div. 1; National Board registered
  • All carbon steel components in contact with the process are subject to PWHT stress relief
  • Heavy duty structural skid bases